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Stress-free onboarding.

With a revolutionary digital approach to debt advice, Tully’s on a mission to take the stress out of debt by helping everyone build a budget and make a plan.

Ahead of Tully being launched in the UK, our task was to support with an online customer sign up journey designed to maximise conversions, and to make this as reassuring, as stress-free and as happy an experience as the ultimate outcome.

A seamless UI

Working with Tully’s internal product designer, we added design and messaging to the wireframes. With many users starting in a high stress state, it was important to smooth the journey and reassure every step of the way.

To do so, we collaborated with the product and marketing teams to add extra value to the content hierarchy, visual prominence and flow of the onboarding screens. Together we ensured the user interface was intuitive, obstacle-free and always gloriously simple.

Building the brand

Throughout, this seamless journey follows the detangling of a graphic line, which acts as a visual aid to guide the user from beginning to end. This device enables us to indicate there are more steps to come, and cleverly slows and speeds up to dictate the pace of the journey.

Naturally, we avoided the use of their brand red due to its debt connotations, instead opting for the cheery yellow, symbolic of the sunny outcome Tully hope to deliver.

Flexible future use

While the core of the brand had been created, it had few executions before launch. This gave us the freedom to create a UI kit with a number of flexible elements which can be reused for different content, journeys and interactions. All in all, we delivered up to 80 UI screens featuring different but reusable interface elements.

Tully Kit

Building trust

At the same time as applying a user-friendly design, we rinsed the copy with a reassuring, helpful, and non-judgmental tone of voice. This ensured every message earned its keep by driving the user forward, encouraging them that they were making a smart move, and rewarding their effort along the way.

Onboarding videos

In support of the Tully service, we also created a series of onboarding videos. These animated videos give users information they can view should they need clarity at different points of the sign-up journey.

The team respond quickly to changes and their excellent communication meant we were able to deliver on time. They joined us in our office so we could collaborate and draw on insights from a fresh perspective too. They worked with our brand principles and applied them in creative ways we would never have thought of.

Mary Harmon Lead Product Designer

An expandable website

Similarly, we built a fully editable marketing website using Craft CMS. Built for performance and flexibility, the website can be added to as Tully expands its offering and capability. As advocates of a component-based web design approach, we can’t emphasise enough how important it is to choose the right platform for your brand.

Custom-built qualification tool

Evidence of the value of component-based web design can be found in our custom-building of Craft CMS structures that allow Tully to create a step-by-step qualification tool for audiences. Here people can answer a short series of questions to understand if Tully is right for their circumstances. Craft’s great development tools and adaptability make it perfect for such an application.


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