Tank ● Communications

Driving a tank through walls.

Rapid growth in reputation and operations left PR agency Tank’s brand, visual identity and website behind. The rebrand focused on harnessing the energetic, unapologetic and daring nature of the company to move the brand in line with their aspirational objectives, and leverage their points of difference. So while most brands knocked politely on the door, Tank would drive through the wall.

Word association.

Initially, we thought about what the word ‘tank’ could imply and represent. From our brainstorming we gathered ideas around bold, daring, hard working and audacious – it was these initial ideas that informed our direction.

Big, bold and unstoppable

Creating a brand that people love or hate stimulates conversation and forges strong opinion… much better than being ignored. With colours that clashed like armies and typography that, at times, sacrifices legibility for emotion – Tank now has a bold and distinctive brand platform. One weighted heavily with purpose and attitude.

Sounds like tank

We worked hard to create a unique way of speaking that’s undeniably Tank. Opinionated, outspoken and humorous. But always intelligent and with substance. People may not always agree, but they will have to listen.

Colour with impact

Colour is a really important way to engage people on an emotional level. So we created a strong, bright primary palette tempered by secondary muted tones to reflect Tank’s values of being bold with underlying substance.

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