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Leading the way in Open Banking.

Open Banking gives us the opportunity to securely share our financial data with the businesses we trust, so they can quickly deliver personalised products and services. OpenWrks is at the leading edge, being named the first third-party provider to be fully registered in the Open Banking directory. To stay at the forefront, they needed a cutting edge website that positioned OpenWrks as being as trustworthy as a bank but as dynamic and fast paced as the most innovative Fintech business.

Extending a brand online

Understanding the importance of brand identity and recognition, we brought the new OpenWrks brand to life digitally with a visually stunning, intuitive and genuinely valuable online presence.

Don’t just make it look pretty

The website had a purpose – from educating and informing website visitors about Open Banking and OpenWrks, to driving contact through clearly defined and optimised conversion funnels.

Ow Laptop

A component-based approach

To give OpenWrks complete flexibility with its website we took a component-based design approach. This involves a detailed style guide of UI elements and common layout blocks that give more flexibility over the creation of future web pages. Developing these and delivering a CMS toolkit of reusable components encourages a consistent experience wherever they’re used.

Style Guide Angle

A fully responsive and CMS powered website

The site is optimised across all major devices and browsers to give all visitors a matched experience that enables them to achieve their goals, regardless of how they are viewing the site. We developed the site using a powerful CMS solution that offers complete editability, form submission control, SEO management and CRM integration.

Craft CMS

Our CMS weapon of choice is Craft CMS. It has a simple interface that can be customised and streamlined to focus on different site structures and content. This makes it really user friendly and intuitive. It’s fast, secure, has great SEO options and even a live preview option.

Come in, we’re open

The launch was timed with an appearance at the Open Banking Summit, allowing OpenWrks to confidently direct customers over to its new website. As a result, it’s already seeing good lead flow through the site. Our partnership with OpenWrks means we will continue to work closely to evolve and improve the site. This includes CMS customisations, SEO support and GDPR compliancy.

"Very pleased, the whole project has been a dream, the guys have delivered an exceptional output on time, on budget and without any issues! Awesome."

David Coghlan Head of Marketing

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