Matrix ● Retail

Amplifying a brand's reach.

Matrix develops exceptional products that set brands apart across airline, merchandise, beauty and retail industries. Ethical sourcing and sustainable delivery are at the heart of their business and they only work with suppliers around the world who are committed to the same high standards.

Back to the drawing board

With a tone of voice and visual identity that was becoming one dimensional, they were failing to resonate with potential key markets. Needing to reposition themselves, Matrix APA asked Sandbox to help them target new sectors and reflect their ambition to be a brave and unconventional brand.

Using research, insight and planning, we developed a coherent overarching identity, strong tone of voice and a clear proposition to unify all audiences.

Keeping it simple

Traditionally, the shorter the name the better – two syllables makes for a much more memorable moniker. By dropping APA the name wasn’t just simplified, it was given more relevance and resonance. After all, the definition of a matrix is ‘an environment where things develop’.

Matrix Single

Time to be bold

Matrix wanted a bespoke logo that would transcend their audience; one to distinguish them in the marketplace. The most crucial ingredient of this was a unique, completely hand crafted typeface.

Featuring angles to represent the brand’s edge, uppercase is used to bring impact and presence. The font forms structure – it’s the framework, it sets the mood. Unique fonts set a brand apart.

Style and tone

Black and white is timeless, creating a confident premium feel that communicates a more established brand. Using secondary tonal colours lends longevity and flexibility to the overall look and feel.

Imagery is also key to building the brand tone and overall look, as well as showcasing their product ranges.

Matrix Single2

Elevating the inspirational

The perfect roll out for this new identity was a responsive website that elevates their position as a unique cross-sector market leader. Now Matrix is equipped to bring the product to the people with clarity.

New tenders quickly followed the rebrand and Matrix now has a solid foundation from which they can create more targeted communications and further build their brand.

Matrix Double 2

“Love it, thanks for all your hardwork - it's exceeded all our expectations”

Jason Hammond Chief Commercial Officer

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