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Promoting the gift of a good education.

Loughborough Endowed Schools aims to prepare children and young adults for life beyond education. Comprising four independent schools, they have a bursary scheme, the Burton Bursaries, in place to cover the cost of tuition fees for the children of families who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford an independent education.

Focusing on talent and ability

In order for them to be able to offer more places to bright, talented children they needed to increase the size of the bursary by attracting more funding. Tribe were approached to create a new visual identity for the Burton Bursaries; one that would engage with, and raise awareness amongst, the local business community and beyond.

Making an impact

The bursary scheme was quite small allowing on average a handful of children from the local area to study per year. A charismatic, exciting, identity that creates intrigue, drives interest and makes people feel inspired was needed to encourage the donations that will grow the fund.

We needed to create a strong emotional connection with our target audience – the potential donators. The first step was to create a name for the bursary.

FutureMakers is inspirational and unambiguous; it captures the very essence of what the bursary is about in one concise, memorable, phrase.

Bringing colour to their future

A bold colour palette complemented and accentuated the new name. We made the decision to introduce a charcoal grey as the main colour to ‘mature’ the visuals and to give extra stand-out to the accent colours.

Aspirational statements gave substance and context to the FutureMakers name, while making people see the worth and feel-good factor in donating.

Les Logodevelopment Colours 02
Lough Cards

Digging deep

The first piece of print collateral was a direct mail campaign to introduce the new identity to wealthy recipients – potential donators. GF Smith colour plan paper stocks, foil blocking and custom-made colour envelopes gave the piece the premium feel that it needed to grab people’s attention.

A story worth telling

We also created a brochure that succinctly told the story of the bursary and which would be handed out at a fundraising event. Minimal copy, feel-good photography of children taking part in activities and a premium finish gave this piece an inherent quality look and feel, as well as packing an emotional punch that would hopefully encourage the donations needed to continue making futures.

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