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Building a brave new brand

Lioness Recruitment is a brand-new specialist recruitment company.

Founders, Jennifer and Laura have combined their 20 years’ worth of experience to create a warm, friendly, yet fiercely focused specialised recruitment start-up.

The challenge for Sandbox was to create a strong, coherent brand that reflected the Lioness eagerness, strength and ‘forward thinking attitude’ to connect people with their ideal career. Their work happiness.

The 4 pillars of Lioness “ness”

Jenn and Laura felt that ‘Lioness’ described perfectly their tenacity and willingness to break away from the pack to truly empower candidates in their search for their next challenge. Positioning the Lioness identity around 4 pillars of strength, we created a brand to command respect, pride, braveness and confidence.

We see who you are as a person, not just what you’ve done on a CV.

No agendas, no spin, no pressure. Just honest advice and action.

We work hard and fight smart to get you the best opportunities.

We don’t just look out for your career, we look out for you.

Lioness Logos

A brave new brand

In preparation, our research for Lioness Recruitment gave us clarity in key areas, helping to establish what Lioness stood for, so we could develop a brand identity that truly represented their attitude and ambition.


By embracing the ideology, positivity and aspiration for Lioness Recruitment, we created a logo with real impact. Big, bold type. Brave, bold colour palette. Fun and playful, with clean, sharp edges to maintain a professionalism that’s still very important to this bold brand identity.


The brand colour palette reflects the tenacity of Lioness Recruitment. Purple and cyan are the core colours with orange used sparingly for contrasting accent highlights.


The photography style reflects the vibrancy and colourfulness of the Lioness culture, balanced with an important human element. Images have been created using integrated colour accents that help harmonise the imagery with the primary branding.

Digital directness

We quickly discovered that many recruitment websites are heavily templated and often don’t feel personable. It was important that we did the complete opposite to amplify Lioness’s refreshing approach to recruitment. Opposing shapes, colours and spacing were used deliberately to create a bespoke experience, in sharp comparison to competitors. Synthesising bold colours and distinctive photography helped to create a tenacious brand experience that visually echoed the Lioness values - to be direct, open and clear, but also warm, respectful and friendly.

Nimble animation styles were introduced to intensify the layers of angles and shapes that are used to create depth on screen. A rather jolly phone ringing movement features to add a little delight to your Lioness experience.

Lioness Website

With brand communications predominantly online, it is great to hear how well the website is being received already.

In addition to this brave new brand and website, which we hope will see them thrive in the recruitment industry, Sandbox created brand guidelines, email signatures and social media templates to create consistent and recognisable job postings. We love working with start-ups, ensuring they are set up for their future, and we wish them roaring success!

“Lioness Recruitment are extremely pleased to announce the launch of their new website. Many thanks to your brilliant team”

Jennifer Shorten Director

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