Kelham House ● Hospitality

Historical meets contemporary.

Kelham House is a family-owned hotel nestled in nine acres of gardens, woodland and paddocks dating back to 1903. Today it’s established itself as one of the most popular boutique hotels in the area and Sandbox is helping them amplify their brand across a range of printed material.

A name to be proud of

As part of a major brand overhaul we developed a new logo. Encapsulating their history and heritage, while retaining a contemporary look and feel, we developed something elegant, confident and which places their established reputation centre stage.

Kh Logodev 01 03

Something old and something new

Kelham House’s new colour palette makes a bold statement, while retaining the heritage look and feel. Giving them the scope to present the logo in a variety of colourways brings a modern twist to this historic venue. A pattern will be used boldly as a striking visual signature.

We do… rising to the challenge

We were tasked with amplifying Kelham’s brand integrity and identity by creating a responsive website that was confident, user-friendly and aspirational. One that showcased their attributes and promoted the key characteristics that sets them apart from other hotels in the area.

Kelham 1

Elegance and aspiration

Through a fusion of elegant design and aspirational photography, we’re capturing the magic and helping couples plan their dream day. Sandbox has produced an evocative wedding brochure that vividly captures the stunning setting in all its glory.

Kelham 3

Cutting through the competition

To elevate their online presence and increase the reach of Kelham’s brand, we’ll be creating an overarching, high level brand-led website. Considered design, clear navigation and content hierarchy will streamline the current customer offering and create a clear user journey to cut through the competition.

"It’s great working with a creative agency that gets what we want to do and how we want our brand to be represented."

Jon-Paul Davies Managing Director

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