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Speaking SMEs’ language.

Experian Business Assist enables SMEs to make smarter decisions. It delivers data intelligence that helps SMEs better manage risk and create new business opportunities.

As a suite of legacy products, Experian Business Assist wanted to clarify its identity and offering – both internally and externally – and speak with SMEs about what mattered to them in simple, straightforward language.

Creating an agile platform

Using core ingredients from Experian’s new global visual identity, we gave Experian Business Assist a distinct visual identity. By representing the underlying assets of insight, intelligence and information, our elegantly evolved graphic device reinforced Assist’s value in digital, print and out-of-home channels.

Taking a strong position

We further distinguished our new identity by creating the new, open and empowering Assist name (research told us SMEs wanted information rather than help, and a proposition centred around them). We reinforced Assist’s new position with a powerful and engaging core proposition: ‘Make your business stronger’.

Make Your Business Stronger 1

Communicating the big benefits

Throughout the campaign, the messaging reflects real-world business issues, from making smart decisions about extending credit to other businesses, to finding profitable new customers. Using direct, real-world language enables us to create meaningful discourse with qualified prospects, who see Experian Business Assist as the answer to their challenges.

Experian Business Assist explainer video

To answer specific business needs, we renamed the three products within the Assist suite, and gave each a distinct promise:


Make safer decisions about who you work with.


Be smarter about how others see your business.


Create a brighter future for your business.

Our approach also provides the flexibility for additional products to be added to the Assist suite in future.

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"Thrilled! The team rapidly grasped the challenge and built on the opportunity presented to them. Their expertise, experience and boundless energy really drove the success of the project. They delivered a well thought-out solution that senior leadership and the wider business have actively embraced. I’m a big fan – and really appreciate their collaboration and true partnership approach."

Ben Buckton Head of Marketing

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