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Experian is the leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to clients around the world. They make it easy for customers to check their credit report, manage credit risk and prevent fraud, while helping them protect, grow and manage their businesses. In 2015, they were named by Forbes magazine as one of the ‘World’s Most Innovative Companies’. As a creative partner, Tribe amplifies Experian’s innovative offering – helping to translate often complex products into simple stories, to connect with customers across a range of mediums.

Once upon a time

Experian originally approached Tribe with a clear brief; to create an engaging campaign to promote Experian’s Marketing Services. In an area that has become increasingly complex due to the amount of digital and social channels, we removed the clutter from Experian’s marketing offering and went back to basics – taking a closer look at the simple rules that can have a big impact, through good, old fashioned storytelling.

More powerful than whiskey and more hidden opportunities than a gold mine

With increasing pressure on marketers to deliver greater ROI and prove campaign results to the rest of the business, it can be easy to focus on the end result, when actually refining how your campaigns get there, is just as important.

Experian Lost1

Tribe developed an integrated strategy that centred around a 3-part series titled ‘The Lost Culture of Marketing’. The series brought together video, email, online and print to deliver a unique, high-impact campaign that delivered the key benefits of the Experian product through an engaging story-led concept.


Putting some thought into thought leadership

When Experian wanted a compelling creative direction to underpin a thought leadership piece, we developed an understated tactical campaign encouraging our audience to take ten minutes out of their day to read the information and make a real difference.

In association with The Big Issue, The Rental Exchange is a powerful new tool that is helping millions of low income people excluded from affordable credit because they don’t have a credit history. It works by using rental payment data shared by housing associations to build credit files on social housing tenants. It’s a solution to a problem that helps everyone involved – the only stumbling block was getting enough housing associations to take the time to read about the initiative in the first place.


From a strategic point of view, our ideas had to be sensitive to the subject matter and hit the right tone for our audience. No outlandish or extravagant mailings – we needed to communicate with purpose and charm.


Where there’s tea, there’s hope

Our campaign played upon a down-to-earth cornerstone of British culture; tea. We invited the audience to take a short break from what they’re doing and read the Rental Exchange whitepaper over a cup or tea or coffee and a biscuit.


The contents of the pack included everything they need to take a break, while supporting messaging and calls to action specifically targeted housing associations who have an innate desire to help their tenants.


Credit where it’s due

An understated campaign for a worthy cause that continues to run. The first mailers to land generated an instant response, with a six key housing associations signing up to The Rental Exchange within a matter of days.

“Thank you so much – what a brilliant campaign, you guys are so clever. It's totally hit the right tone and the response has been fantastic already.”

Cara Clark Marketing Specialist

Digging deeper

As part of a wider brand campaign, Experian required a creative concept and messaging to promote a thought leadership report targeted at customers in the public sector. We developed a campaign to run through print and online around the idea that Experian’s data and insight can help you ‘Dig Deeper’ into important issues – and explore the real meaning behind every fact and figure. We then used this idea to write key messages around striking statistics and intriguing questions to prompt the audience to see things differently.

A bold typographic illustration style was used to deliver key messages in the report and provide a solid, uncompromising art direction to envelope the campaign – helping to galvanise Experian’s position as industry experts.

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