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Creating a presence for the prestigious.

Barbary Hill is a specialist in sourcing and restoring rare and highly collectable classic cars for clients all over the world, and has worked on some real icons – most notably Dean Martin’s barn-found Ferrari. Every restoration has a rich and unique story behind it – the problem for Barbary Hill was that nobody knew theirs.

Inspiring confidence in a discerning clientele

Investment in a classic car calls for complete confidence. Whether the client is an enthusiast looking for their dream car or an investor building a collection – exemplary standards of service, care and craftsmanship are expected. Barbary Hill required a brand identity and online presence to communicate this, but one which also offered a real point of difference in a steadfast market.

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A strategy that handles perfectly

Developing a coherent, refined and contemporary identity while remaining aspirational and authentic would see Barbary Hill give the consumer a more approachable proposition than some dealers in the market. The naming strategy focused on the historical and geographical characteristics of the business and is ambiguous enough to remain agile to any future expansions for the brand into new markets.

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Considering colour

Bronze is a colour that not only felt premium, but that also felt like a strong representation of nature and the majesty of the Barbary Stagg. It has great standout when combined with the black and white photography

Driving sales and making a mark

The work undertaken to set the Barbary Hill brand up with a clear market position and cohesive, resonant visual identity made a mark immediately. A focus on organic marketing at a carefully targeted audience has generated measurable impact with a high number of qualified enquires, and a 200% increase in sales, month-on-month.


Creating a unique destination

We wanted to capture the fundamental brand values of exemplary standards of service, care and craftsmanship – not just in the look and feel of the brand but in the physical aesthetic of its showroom. Through the use of luxurious materials, vintage style furniture and chrome, we created an atmosphere that’s refined and contemporary, aspirational yet authentic. An environment that gives the consumer a more approachable proposition – that while Barbary Hill is an expert in its field, their primary purpose is to help their clientele realise a dream.

Build a presence online

The aim was to create a responsive website that rivals all others within the classic car industry, positioning Barbary Hill as the only choice for investors and buyers. A website that’s worthy of the brand’s new visual identity and high value cars. Now launched, the website creates desire and aspiration, helping to convey the Barbary Hill experience while distancing the brand from a transactional car purchase.

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"It's exceeded all my expectations. Thanks for your help, and may our working relationship prosper in the future."


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