We're now an official Craft CMS partner

Our allegiance shifted to Craft CMS a few years ago and we’ve never looked back. Our developers love building with it, our designers love designing for it and our clients love how easy it is to use.

That’s why we’re hugely proud to share that we've been made an official Craft CMS partner!

There are many reasons Sandbox favours Craft CMS – but in summary, its Craft’s market-leading usability, robustness, and flexibility that allows us the freedom to explore creativity. Unlike many others, Craft is 100% bespoke, meaning it doesn’t make use of themes so we can guarantee a fully customised website design and build that’s right for your brand. We’ve come to find that this is a huge contributor to Craft’s increasing popularity.

We’re confident that Craft will maintain its strong position as a dominant force in the CMS market, and continue to support the needs for intuitive UX and well-designed websites and web applications.

Are you content with your CMS? Take a look at some recent articles we’ve written if you’re unsure whether Craft is the right CMS for you or want to explore the right platform for your brand. Or just get in touch, we’ll happily talk all day about why Craft is our go-to choice!