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Real People, Lego Batman

Teaming up with The Lego Batman Movie; Chevrolet have produced a great parody of their ‘Real People, Not Actors’ campaign ads.

The ‘Real People, Not Actors’ ads record the reactions of Chevrolet focus group participants when they see new models unveiled with dramatic flair. In the Chevrolet/Lego ad, a focus group of animated characters are asked what kind of person they think would drive the new Chevy Lego Batmobile. A string of unflattering comments paint a picture of Lego Batman, who is present and responds with passive-aggressive (and funny) retorts.

This is a great ad that marries Chevrolet’s original campaign theme with humour nicely. And it doesn’t stop there… The animated focus group is just one part of the collaboration the with distributor; Warner Brothers.

To further resonate with Chevrolet’s audience, a life-size Batmobile made from over 300,000 Lego bricks was unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Lego 01 775X490

And of course there’s a section on Chevy’s website where you can now view the Batmobile’s specification and indeed, ‘build your own’.