Our Journey to a Fresh Identity - Unveiling SANDBOX

A name is so much more than just a word. It’s the feeling and emotion and passion behind it from the people that are part of it.

Having a fresh identity and new name was pivotal to achieving our goals and the start of our journey for growth. The new name creation is testament to unity and creativity of our team.

It encapsulates the positive energy from our team. From the initial spark of the idea to the collaborative sprint process, every thought was displayed with purpose and passion, setting the tone for our brand-new chapter.

We wanted a name that reflects our personality and future ambitions. A name that is easy to say, spell and communicate. A name that is memorable, fun and innovative. SANDBOX was the name for us. It ticks all our boxes, creating inspiration to think differently, be curious and collaborative, and to explore.

Our Team's Collective Effort

Our team, the heartbeat of our agency, played a crucial role in shaping our fresh identity. The process wasn't about just picking a name; it was about bringing together everything that we stand for and want to be known for. From collaborative mind mapping to the final decision, each step reflected the genuine effort invested by every team member.

Their talent, ideas, and shared commitment in getting to the right solution created a real enthusiasm and want for what the name SANDBOX would bring to the business.

Clean and Clear: The Real Impact of SANDBOX

As we roll out SANDBOX, the impact is real—cleaner, clearer, and more aligned with the creative essence that defines us. It's not just about appearances – it's about improved communication, a more unified vision, and a genuine sense of purpose that now emanates from our brand, through our team and from our work.

The Creative Playground: How SANDBOX Connects with Clients and our Team

Change is a mix of excitement and uncertainty – as a team, we're genuinely thrilled. The positive vibes that fuelled the creation of SANDBOX have spilled into our daily work. As a team we feel a renewed sense of pride and connection, genuinely owning this new chapter in our agency's creative journey.

SANDBOX isn't just a name, it's a creative playground

We hope our new name and brand resonates emotionally with our clients. We offer an environment that fosters trust, innovation, creativity and challenge. The simplicity and clarity of SANDBOX is designed to strengthen these relationships, fostering a sense of camaraderie and a shared vision of creative possibilities and an environment for learning and thriving within.

What next?

As we savour the overwhelmingly positive response so far, we send a big thank you to our team and our clients for their excitement and loyalty.

The authenticity that runs through SANDBOX and what it stands for is now translating into our culture and the experiences we create.
Our new name is more than a label, it's a shared emotion, a testament to our curiosity and determination, and the boundless creative potential we aim to bring to our work and client’s businesses. This is a genuine evolution, and the exciting journey ahead is just beginning as we start our growth plans and build brand legacy.