Expanding our offering: welcoming an adventurous spirit

We’re a talented bunch here at Sandbox. We have an amazing team made up of amazing individuals, each with their own unique set of skills. And when we all come together, special things often happen.

But we’re also an ambitious agency, constantly looking inwards and striving to be better in everything that we do. So much so, that it’s one of our core values—Strive For Better.

For our clients, for ourselves, and for each other.

People are at the heart of what we do at Sandbox, and as part of this desire to grow, develop and be better, we’ve decided to strengthen our team by making an addition to our already oozing pool of talent.

Welcome, Will!

Off the back of two English degrees, Will joins us as a Copywriter. With his adventurous spirit—not too dissimilar from our own—and a flair for the written word, we have every confidence he will both flourish and thrive with us.

And we can’t wait to watch him do so!

By adding Will to our team, we’ll be adding density and further diversity to our skillset. Which means bigger and better results for our clients. After all, this is what drives us.

Having such a diverse set of skills means we have access to a wide array of ideas and perspectives. Everyone approaches things from a slightly different angle but in pursuit of the same end goal, and, collectively, this enables us to climb on top of each other (not literally) to reach heights unattainable alone. It’s how we build such great collaborative relationships with our clients—because we do it every day with each other.

These are exciting times at Sandbox. Don’t blink.

Will has pulled together some thoughts on 'words' and his first couple of months with us. Take a look.