Digital sustainability – good for your brand, your business and your bottom line.

If you’re reading this, we’re willing to bet sustainability’s an important part of your business. It may be woven into your values, mission, purpose, which then filters down into your behaviours and daily decision making. Fantastic! But have you ever paid much attention to how sustainable you are in the digital world? If not, and you care about sustainability as much as you say you do, shouldn’t you have?

The benefits of a sustainable brand image

Building a sustainable brand image isn’t just good for the planet, it’s good for your business too. Here are three of the top reasons why your business needs to be thinking about the sustainability of its digital assets.

1. Sustainability drives growth

Today’s consumers are much more aware of what’s going on in the world than they ever have been. They care about the future of the planet, of those within it, which means they’re demanding honesty from brands – transparency and consistency between what they promise and what they deliver. And for those brands that do deliver? Well, consumers are more than willing to pay a premium for it. Investing in a more sustainable website is a great way to show your customers and clients that you’re delivering on your promise from all angles.

2. The future is green

The focus consumers are putting on sustainability will continue to grow in the future. The research shows this. For you and your business, that means any improvements you make to your digital footprint now will put you in an increasingly stronger position further down the line. Getting ahead of the curve is always a sound investment!

3. Customer loyalty

For brands, loyalty is everything. And loyalty is built from trust. Face-to-face interactions between brands and their consumers are a great way to build this trust. But as these opportunities become rarer and rarer, the value of the digital space – how a brand is perceived digitally – is becoming increasingly important. Now’s the perfect time to consider your brand’s digital footprint before your consumers start making their minds up for you.

So who’s getting it right?

You’ll have likely noticed more and more websites offering a choice between two web viewing modes – light and dark.

Website light and dark mode

This is about more than just viewer preference. This is about reducing your website’s carbon footprint. Because black pixels use far less energy than white pixels, incorporating this option into your website’s design is a great way to have an instant impact on your carbon emissions.

Innocent Drinks take this a step further by removing pictures, reducing colour brightness and limiting their use of animation. It’s about how far you’re willing to take things. It’s great to see them shining a light on their sustainability efforts both online and offline.

Innocent drinks webpage viewed on an ipad

More than just carbon footprint benefits

If done right, your sustainable website will require less energy. And less energy equals lower emissions. But there is an additional benefit here – the techniques and principles of sustainable web design mean lightweight pages that load faster and perform better for your customers. Hurrah!

All this has a huge influence on your Google rankings. More people visiting your website, more registrations and more conversions. Hurrah again!

The benefits of sustainable web design

Want to know more?

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