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Battling winter with an integrated campaign

How do you put a brand at the forefront of people’s minds during winter? For British Gas, success was delivered by a hero, some cool CGI and a strong call arms. It began with a concept – one that would stand out, have cut through and make people stop and take notice. Something that had the strength to be a movement, and more than a series of ads. The result? Significant brand awareness and a sustained uplift in qualified leads.

Creating a hero

We decided to put British Gas on the side of the audience, rather than sell them something based on their own misfortune. The campaign messaging, supported by high impact CGI visuals, positioned British Gas as having the tools to help businesses take on the might of winter, whatever it throws your way. At the heart of the creative was the British Gas engineer and the simple but powerful strapline ‘Don’t let winter win’.

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A call to arms

Together the emotive strapline and CGI visuals created a call to arms. One that taps into the challenges of winter and compels businesses into action. To seek out the support of British Gas, their services and support of the expert engineers.

Building an integrated campaign

The winter campaign had the scope to run up to and throughout winter. But also across integrated channels including regional and trade press as well as email, DM, bill inserts and programmatic advertising. Having a clear concept and message across all channels gave the campaign consistency and strength.

Results that matter

As well as boosting brand awareness, the campaign produced a sustained uplift in qualified leads. Email and programmatic advertising was particularly successful and the overall cost per lead across the campaign was significantly reduced.

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