An inspirational outlet

Obviously working at Sandbox subjects me to all forms of creativity. If the very walls at Sandbox could speak, they would no doubt tell you the principles of design and the fundamentals of colour harmonies. Don’t get me wrong, you get a fair amount of creative banter but the trouble is, sometimes when you leave in the evening you can’t help but still feel that inspirational charge – the need to carry that creativity forward in your spare time.

So what do you do?

It’s not something I’ve asked in the studio, but perhaps some Sandbox lets go home and double check the composition of their living room, others may explore the kerning on road signs or maybe they just go home and stroke their super smooth Macbook Pro? Personally, I like to illustrate. I find it’s a great way to not only vent, but also improve my creative vision. It’s a pressure free environment where the only real critic is me. But as well as all this, it has a calming influence on me.

Samurai Geisha

Character Design Challenge

This is a Facebook group page where artists convene to showcase their work. It’s a friendly environment where you’re invited to enter a monthly challenge. At the end of each month a guest juror will judge the entries and announces a winner. They encourage designers of all backgrounds and abilities to enter; you might be a digital 3D artist, or perhaps you prefer more traditional methods – it’s very much the more the merrier. No-one will be judged or should feel intimidated by other artists’ work.

For me it’s not only a great way to utilise some additional inspiration, but also it’s about entering into this extra world of like-minded people, where you can get tips, see other artists work and grow your own skills. And what do I get at the end of it? Satisfaction of completing something for me and me alone. Because as designers, it’s not very often we get to do just that. Sure, nailing briefs and hitting deadlines for clients has amazing perks, but sometimes it’s nice to do something for yourself.

This month’s theme is #SamuraiAndGeisha. So do I go with the delicate classical flowing lines of a Geisha with their distinctive make-up and traditional kimono, or do I illustrate a Samurai, exploiting their amazing array of armour with a strong poise? I decide that I’d really like to do both, so I do just that. I choose to illustrate a Samurai Geisha; utilising both design cues in one illustration – adding a whimsical mood to the piece.

It might be something you would never have considered doing, but give it a go and make use of that inner inspirational charge.